Why choose e-roule

Taking a driving course using an electric vehicle will not only reduce your environmental footprint, you’ll get lots of other advantages too!

  • Your class will cost exactly the same price as a driving class using a gas-powered vehicle, so don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!
  • You’ll learn to drive with a more high-tech vehicle. It won’t be any harder than learning with a gas vehicle, but it will be a bit different:
    • The engine is completely silent, so driving is much more relaxing.
    • The dashboard is very impressive and has a range of features (you’ll learn the basics and the monitor can explain the rest if you’re interested). 
    • Anyone of thinks electric vehicles don’t have pick-up and are boring to drive will learn a thing or two! Your driving monitor will demonstrate the car’s fast and steady acceleration.
    • No more wasted energy! You’ll learn how to save energy while braking to get as much mileage as possible. Experienced drivers often challenge themselves to see how far they can drive using the least amount of energy!
    • Some cities have reserved driving lanes for electric vehicles. Enjoy it while driving in rush hour!
  • You’ll be the reference person on eco-responsible driving and electric vehicles. If it’s not already the case, we’re sure your parents, your friends and even you will probably own an electric vehicle sooner or later.
  • Expert instructors and monitors will teach you everything you’ll need to know about electric vehicles, such as:
    • How the vehicles work
    • Tips for saving energy
    • How to use charging stations (residential and public) and the apps showing public charging stations near you
    • Government incentive programs and grants to purchase or rent an electric vehicle and to purchase a charging station
    • Economic savings for you and environmental benefits for the planet
    • A host of other benefits: reserved lanes and parking, discounts on insurance and vehicle registration, free access to certain toll bridges, ferries, etc.