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An electifying way to learn to drive

As of November 2020, 30 driving schools in Québec are going green by participating in the e-roule electrification pilot project. This unique two-year project will allow you and more than 30,000 other students to learn to drive using one of 80 fully electric vehicles.

Your experience can make a difference!

As a driving learner in the electrification project, you’ll take the regular theoretical classes that have been enriched to cover electric driving. You’ll also have the chance to drive a fully electric vehicle for all or some of your practical classes, and you’ll learn about all their advantages. We are confident that your experience will make you an excellent support person for the project by raising awareness among your friends and family. You’ll learn first-hand how cool it is to drive an electric vehicle and that it’s really important to share what you know.

We are betting on you to go green

The main goal of the electrification project is to demonstrate that driving schools can absolutely replace gas vehicles with electric vehicles. Because of you and the many others who will participate in the project, we hope that as many schools as possible will decide to go green, which will considerably reduce greenhouse gas emissions from this industry. Choosing your driving school has a bigger influence than you could imagine! 

information and available programs

To encourage people to use electric vehicles, the Government of Québec is offering rebates up to $8,000 for a new vehicle and up to $4,000 for a used vehicle. It is also offering $600 in financial support to purchase a 240-volt residential charging station. The incentive from the federal government of Canada can go up to $5,000.

In the Programs and Resources section, you can calculate how much you’ll save by driving an electric vehicle. There’s also a tool to help you choose the best EV for you!